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HORMONE - Setting in motion

Premiere May 2022 at Stockholm University of the Arts

Hormone easy 4.jpg
Hormone easy 2.jpg

Photos: Per Bolkert

The word hormone means to set in motion. 

Hormones triggers processes, metamorphoses and emotional storms.

Hormone – Setting in Motion takes us from the small to the big movement.
How does a movement start - a political movement, a bodily movement, a desire?

In a co-creative performing arts project with mime actors and dancers, control and powerlessness facing the changeable is examined.

Idea and concept: 

Goosebumps Scenkonst - Elvira Kierkegaard, Amanda Hedman Hägerström, Johan Stohne


Co-creating performers:

Fabiola Cruz

Ellen Vestermark

Isabell Gustavsson

Kacper Migas

Laura Lynn

Emma Kerttula


Sound design and music - Johan Stohne 

Light design - Benjamin Fjellman 

Costume design, scenography and mask design - Amanda Hedman Hägerström

Producer -  Elvira Kierkegaard 

Duration: 60 min


19 MAY 19:00

20 MAY 19:00

21 MAY 16:00

More information about the performance from Stockholm University of the Arts here

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