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Goosebumps Scenkonst creates cross-artistic, queer performing arts works that want to reach the audience through the gut and embrace the clash between beautiful and ugly, wheighty and funny, grandiose and trivial. 

Goosebumps Scenkonst consists of Elvira Kierkegaard (producer), Amanda Hedman Hägerström (costume designer & scenographer) and Johan Stohne (composer & sound designer). The trio met at the performing arts bachelor program at Stockholm University of the Arts and started Goosebumps with a desire to challenge the framework of their schooled specializations. 

The co-creative working method is an important part of Goosebumps' work. Performers from different disciplines are invited to be on stage and be co-creators of the work. A theme is explored together and costume, space, and sound are allowed to lead the way.


2022 - Goosebumps Scenkonst premiered the graduation performance HORMONE - Setting in motion at Stockholm University of the Arts.

2023 - Goosebumps Scenkonst was selected by PotatoPotato's call Frigrupp 2023 to co-produce the work POINT OF NO RETURN with its premiere at Konträr.

Goosebumps Scenkonst is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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